Jamaal Williams: Freshman Sensation


Being chased around by 300 pound linemen may be scary for some, but it’s a lifelong dream for Freshman Jamaal Williams.

“Mostly I wanted to play offense since I was little. That was the first position that I played, and then I started getting into linebacker too, but mostly it’s because I wanted to play running back for most of my life,” said Williams.

The running back position seems to suit him so far. Williams is currently the youngest BYU athlete to score a touchdown in the school’s history. Williams has gone 86 yards in just four games, making him the second leading running back on the team. And the yards keep coming for the true freshman.

“He’s good…he’s a good player. Yeah and he’s gonna be a great player. He’s young, he’s learning, he’s still making mistakes and growing, but he’s a good player,” said Offensive Coordinator Brandon Doman.

Rejecting offers from several of BYU´s opponents, including rivals Boise State and Utah, Williams ultimately decided to stick with the Cougars.

“I like the people around here. They’re mostly like me. They want to work hard, stay disciplined, stay on the right path to winning a championship,” said Williams.

However, winning a national championship trophy isn´t an easy task. In fact, the last non-BCS team to do so was the 1984 Cougar squad.

Williams said that he’s not concerned about being young and under the spotlight. He says he will do whatever it takes to help our Cougars succeed.

With three years of playing time left to excel, keep an eye out for more Jamaal.

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