Racquetball is one of the fastest ball games. Players can hit the ball at 140 miles an hour and unlike other racket sports, there is no net. BYU player Eliza Culverwell says the speed of the game makes the sport unique.

“I love racquetball because it is so quick,” Culverwell says. “It is just an exciting game. It is easy to learn…it’s fun.”

The BYU Racquetball program started in the early nineties, but it only took a few years for it to win its first national tournament. Today, the Cougars have a total of thirteen national championships. Coach Paul Snyder believes the team can do a great jog this season.

“We can be one of the best teams in the country and we have a lot of the returning players…so we have a lot of experience returning…those that know exactly what it takes to take us to that level”, said Snyder.

The team is having tryouts starting on October eighth. For more information, access the team’s website by clicking here.



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