Starting the initial descent


Provo airport received some deflating news from Frontier Airlines.   The company is flying its last flights out of the airport in January.   Frontier provides the only commercial flights out of Provo and Carly Hezmer is one of many passengers who use flight 16-56 from to Denver.

“I’ve told everyone I know, ‘you don’t even know how awesome the Provo airport is’,” she says.  “Not just the airport but also Frontier Airlines in general.”

Hezmes’s family lives in Colorado so when Frontier announced they would be leaving the Provo airport, she says, so will she.

“I’ve forgotten what it’s like to fly out of Salt Lake. So you do what you got to do, I’m going to have to go to salt lake. It’ll be a big bummer,” she says.

Helen Anderson works as the Community Relations Officer in the mayors office and says even they are shocked with Frontier cancelling it’s flights.

“Just a couple of months ago we heard that frontier was giving us a larger plane, so it was kind of a surprise to hear then that they have decided to end the service,” says Anderson.

The airport’s numbers say these flights were 75% full, which usually leads to adding flights…not taking them away.  But Frontier Airlines says that’s not the case.  Spokesperson Lindsey Carpenter told the Daily Herald that, “Provo has consistently failed to meet our expectations…As of right now there are no plans to return to the Provo market.”

“We actually have been all along looking and talking to other airlines and we’re hoping another one will come through very soon,” says Anderson.

City officials say they aren’t sure which airlines will permanently land in Provo, but flights to Southern California, Las Vegas and Phoenix are high on their destination list.

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