Olympic Numbers


The BYU Men’s Volleyball scouts coach, Giuseppe Vinci, is the one behind computers, turning numbers into points on the court. His ability to visualize the game in a unique way took him to the two last Olympic Summer Games. An injury stopped his dreams of being a volleyball player, but what started as a hobby became his profession.

The Italian went to the Beijing Olympics in 2008 with the Italian men’s volleyball team. In 2012, Vinci worked with the USA women’s volleyball team to bring the silver medal from London.

He says that the two Olympics were completely different experiences.

“It was a different perspective because when you go to the Olympics, when you dream about the Olympics, you see team USA has always been up there trying to be the country with the highest number of medals.”

According to BYU Men’s Volleyball head coach Chris McGown, Vinci is key to the team’s success.

“It’s good if the players day-by-day can see these little changes. There is no way of doing that other than working with Giuseppe.”

Vinci is now helping the BYU team to get ready for the 2013 that stars in January.

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