Letter: Fending for yourself


All this talk of “mind the gap” and “the homeless period” really have me wondering: just whose responsibility is it to ensure BYU students have someplace to live between terms? In the real world, people are expected to fend for themselves between housing contracts. It stinks that many contracts in Provo fall on the same time schedule. BYUSA President and Vice President Brandon and Jessica 2012 promised an attempt at addressing the issue, but aside from minor reforms I doubt how much they can actually impact the current system. It’s problematic to be homeless for two weeks, but when else would complexes clean the carpets and make much needed repairs (hint, hint, Provo landlords). At the very least, BYU Housing should mandate that no contract expires before the end of finals. Who knows if the Provo housing problem will ever disappear, but in the meantime, here are a few ideas for how to “mind the gap.”

  • Go camping with all your stuff! You are guaranteed to have just the right size pan for campfire cooking.
  • Rent a hotel room with buddies and take full advantage of the continental breakfast.
  • Turn it into an undercover journalism experience. Document your adventures on twitter at #homelessatBYU.


Indianapolis, Ind.

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