The Repeat Policy and Financial Aid


In order to help students approach graduation and to bring the university into compliance with new federal financial aid (Title IV) regulations, BYU has applied the repeat policy that began in Fall 2011.


The policy states students may repeat any course taken at BYU. However, all grades will be averaged into the grade point average (GPA) and all credit will be counted. BYU does not remove the previous credit or grade from the transcript or the GPA calculations once a class has been repeated. Also, please note that R-suffix classes are not considered repeated courses since students receive a separate grade each time they take these courses.


The first and second time a student enrolls in a course, it will be considered eligible hours for federal financial aid. However, multiple repeats of a course will make the credit hours ineligible for federal financial aid calculations, regardless of whether or not they received financial aid while previously taking the course. Keep in mind the repeat policy is one of many eligibility requirements for receiving federal financial aid.


The university repeat policy is only associated with federal financial aid (Title IV) regulations. This change does not impact how BYU scholarship hours are calculated. Recipients of BYU scholarships should refer to scholarship policies found in their award notification. This is found in My Financial Center’s Message Center or under Undergraduate Scholarship Policies.

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