The power of your Student ID


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Your student ID card has a variety of uses.
ID cards allow students to do many important things on campus like take a test, print from computer labs and access funds from meal plans. Long lines can be avoided the sooner students come to the ID Office. New students should make getting their BYU ID a priority when they arrive and are encouraged to get it even before moving into dorms or attending New Student Orientation.

Students can get ID cards at the BYU ID Center, on the main floor of the Wilkinson Center in 2310. The ID Center hours are Monday-Friday from 8 a.m.-6 p.m. (closed on Tuesdays for Devotionals and Forums) and Saturday from 10 a.m.-2 p.m. Students can check the ID Center’s website at webcam to view the live webcam of the length of the line.

The ID center requires that students bring some form of photo ID and their myBYU NetID. Dress and grooming must meet BYU standards as listed in the BYU Honor Code, including the requirement that men are clean shaven.

Once students have received an ID card, they will quickly learn what a valuable tool a student ID is.

Rachel Engler, ID Center office manager, said an ID card is most importantly used for credentials.

“First and foremost, it is an identification card,” Engler said. “It’s used in that capacity at the Testing Center, to check out books and to use for athletic privileges.”

Engler also said ID cards are now being used for door access at the new Heritage Halls and as building access at Helaman Halls.

Engler said ID cards are also keeping up with the times by allowing students to use a digital copy of their student card which can be accessed through the BYU mobile app. This digital copy can be used at places like the Testing Center and some dining locations.

Randall Mildenhall, a sophomore studying construction management who works at the ID Center, shared what he thinks some of the most important things ID cards can be used for.

“You can use [an ID card] at a lot of vending machines if you don’t want to carry cash,” he said. “Printing is always a big one, too.”

Mildenhall also gave a word of warning saying students should be careful not to lose their card, since a replacement will cost $10.

“It adds up,” he said. “Someone lost their card maybe 18 times and at $10 per card that’s $180.”

Mackenzie Mummert, a sophomore studying exercise wellness, also works at the ID Center. She said it is helpful when students are prepared, so lines move quickly.

“The line is long because there’s a ton of people who need their card, but they move pretty quickly because people have everything they need,” Mummert said.

How to get or replace your ID card

1. Make sure your preferred name is correct on Route Y under “Communication”

2. Visit 2310 WSC

3. To get an ID card, students must be registered for classes (current semester or next semester), have a photo ID like a driver’s license or passport, know their MyBYU Net ID (username) and meet all Dress and Grooming Standards

4. To replace your ID card, follow the same steps and pay a $10 reprinting fee

For more information visit or call 801-422-5092

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