Sisters bring act to the softball diamond


Alexandra and Anna Hudson’s curly hair and light-colored eyes often set them apart from the crowd.  When not doing homework or hanging out with friends, they can often be found having entire conversations with one another in Disney movie quotes. Although they are both very different, they do have several things in common–one of which includes their love for the game of softball.

Currently, both Alexandra and Anna are showcasing their skills on the BYU softball team. The Cougars haven’t had a pair of sisters on the roster since 2000 and the Hudson sisters are looking forward to their first season together.

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Sisters Alexandra, left, and Anna, right, Hudson play together on the BYU Softball team.
Alexandra is a junior outfielder who has made an impact on the team both for her offensive and defensive abilities. Last year, she went the entire season without a single error in the outfield for the Cougars. Anna is a freshman catcher coming into the season as a four-year starter at Everett High School in Washington that hopes to make an impact for BYU during the upcoming season.

They both want to make the most of the time they have to play here together at BYU. They’ve already learned some valuable lessons from playing with each other over the years.

“Personally, I like playing with her because I know her and her work ethic,” Alexandra said. “And I know that I can yell at her. She might take it wrong but we can talk about it later. I trust her and that trust is already there without having to build it.”

Not only does their relationship translate as they play together, but it also shows through in their interactions off the field.

“I love that Anna can have fun with life,” Alexandra said. “If you want to have fun with somebody, need a pick-me-up or a good laugh, she is that person you can go to. She brings out the goofy side that I try to hide. It’s a good thing most of the time and I need it.”

Anna agreed that her sister helps her in more ways than just on the field.

“I love that Alex is so responsible and so prepared all the time,” Anna said. “And sometimes I find it unfair that it couldn’t rub off on me because I am really free-spirited [and] she helps me come back down and reminds me to do my homework. She helps me realize when to be serious and when to [have] fun.”

As they’ve grown older, Alexandra and Anna have found that their personalities tend to balance each other out.

“We do bring out the good sides in each other,” Alexandra said. “But I am very down to earth and in reality and she is kind of up in the clouds and high on life.  She helps me be fun and I help her be serious.”

Even the sister’s parents have noticed how their daughters are changing while being at BYU and experiencing college softball together.

“Both of the girls are more patient and have learned how to be better teammates,” said their mother, Sharleen Hudson. “They have the chance to be a good influence on others and it’s allowed them to let their light shine.”

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