Rules don’t solve problems


    I was deeply disturbed to read a recent opinion article about bikers not wearing helmets on campus. It was not the bikers I was concerned with, but rather the student who wrote in suggesting that a law should be passed forcing these reckless bikers to protect themselves with a helmet.

    Yes, what we all need is more rules. Have a problem in life? Make a rule to ward against it. I say we rule that cell phones, crying babies and stupid-question-askers be banned from campus because all have disturbed my classes at one point.

    The solution to problems is not more rules or more bureaucracy. Rules are a simple but ineffective band-aid for most problems. Take a look at almost every United Nations “resolution,” for instance, and then tell me how they have actually changed any problems in the world.

    Education and self-initiated change are most effective for almost all problems. No one wants to be forced to do something. Increase awareness among bikers about the benefits of helmets, for example. Next time you run into one of these hazardous road monsters, why not actually try to solve the atrocity yourself by talking to them rather than running to the administration to solve your problems?

    Jessica Bledsoe

    Dallas, TX

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