‘R’ rated edited version not as bad as original


    In response to the editorial on rated-R movies I have two points to make.

    First, the fact that you worry about what people think of you is amusing. Didn’t we get over that in high school? Let’s grow up! Let whoever think whatever–only one person’s opinion (besides your own) matters, and he’ll deal with you in his own way and time.

    Second, the fact that you tried to justify your insecurity by launching a retaliatory judgement on people who watch edited movies because edited is just as bad as unedited is BEYOND ridiculous. I have seen both edited and unedited versions of “Saving Private Ryan”, “Goodwill Hunting”, and “Office Space” just to name a few–the difference is ENORMOUS (even though I can read lips).

    I understand the point you tried to make: don’t judge others, and you are a hypocrit (which is a judgement itself) if you judge people who watch rated-R movies while watching the edited version. Unfortunately, your point is based on your own insecurity and on the faulty generalization that all edited movies are practically the same as unedited movies–it’s just not true.

    I regret having watched rated-R movies because it is a lack of will power and of faith on my part–but I do NOT care what others think of me because of it. I have only myself and the Lord to answer to–I will not concern myself with anything beyond that.

    Jesse “Unrated” Aldous

    Boston, MA

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