BYU student an embarrassment on national TV


    I graduated from BYU last December and I now work for a law firm in Washington, DC. I love BYU and I root for our Cougars all the way from the East Coast. Let me tell you, though, that last night I was a little embarrassed to be a BYU alumnus. On Jay Leno’s Tonight Show, he ran a segment called “Jay Walking” where he interviewed random people on the street and asked them basic questions, this time about US history. I cringed

    when I saw that his college-aged interviewee was

    wearing a BYU sweatshirt. He asked the young woman who discovered electricity. She thought for a while and responded, “Alexander Graham Bell.” I guess she couldn’t hear me yelling, “Benjamin Franklin!” at the TV. Now, I realize that this girl was on the spot and probably a little nervous to be on TV, but come on! Doesn’t everyone take American Heritage? Isn’t BYU a

    few steps back from becoming the Harvard of the West? Let’s let our light and common sense shine, especially on national TV.

    Christian Markanich

    Herndon, VA

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