Local venues not competing


    By Stefanie Hubbs

    It might seem like Muse Music and Starry Night compete for business in Provo, but the managers of the two dominant live music venues don”t think so.

    Both venues opened two years ago in the wake of Club Rhapsody, the hot spot for local music in the mid ”90s.

    “[Muse Music and Starry Night] are two completely different genres,” said Corey Fox, manager of Muse Music. “Muse is definitely the college crowd.”

    Muse Music at 145 N. University Ave. tries to feature a larger variety of mainstream bands than Starry Night, which is a safe haven for hard rockers in Provo, Fox said.

    “There”s no competition between Starry Night and Muse Music,” said Kellie Wilson, manager of Starry Night. “We cater to different audiences.”

    Starry Night at 195 W. Center St. looks for bands within the less popular indie rock scene, while Muse Music caters to BYU students with its Open Mic Acoustic nights and softer rock or folk/jazz bands, Wilson said.

    “[Starry Night] doesn”t want to exclude anybody, but the kids who come here like underground music more than [the ones who frequent Muse Music],” Wilson said.

    Fox said Muse Music does not feature hard rock bands because doing so might turn away conservative college students.

    “I”ve been in this business for 12 years,” Fox said. “I steer away from hardcore bands because of past experience [with violent crowds].”

    Even though Muse Music claims the majority of BYU students for its audience, Starry Night is going strong.

    “If the bands promote their concerts, then Starry Night is packed,” Wilson said.

    While the clubs may play different kinds of music, both Muse Music and Starry Night offer affordable entertainment. The average ticket price is $5.

    The managers of Muse Music and Starry Night would like to see more businesses like theirs in town.

    With a student population of over 30,000, Provo needs more live music venues, Wilson said.

    “It would be nice to have Provo a little more entertainment-oriented,” Fox said.

    He said people need more options for listening to music and dancing.

    “I think we should have as many venues as possible,” Wilson said. “We could make it a great scene.”

    For concert times and information, visit www.starrynight.moonfruit.com or www.musemusiconline.com.

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