Auditions put singers through ringer


    By Alexis Allen

    Results of BYU choir auditions are in, and students across campus are talking about their audition experiences.

    The directors of BYU Singers, Concert Choir, Men”s Chorus and Women”s Chorus tested candidates” sight-reading and tonal memory as part of the rigorous three-stage audition process. Students also performed hymns, participated in a mock sectional rehearsal and endured other tests to gauge musical abilities.

    “There”s stress to it,” said Kathryn Blomberg, a senior majoring in geneology. “There are lots of people who are good singers and want to get in.”

    Daniel Blomberg, a junior majoring in music and geneology, said watching how different people handle stress is interesting.

    “You can tell people are nervous,” he said.

    Alainna Fielding, a freshman majoring in vocal performance, summed up her audition experience in one word: “scary.”

    Fielding said the most nerve-wracking aspect of her audition was the pace.

    “They didn”t give you enough time,” she said.

    But the auditions” challenges taught students about things aside from music, Fielding said.

    “It”s intimidating, but it”s a growing experience,” Fielding said. “Each time you step out of your comfort zone you grow.”

    Kathryn Blomberg also recalled the pressure of her Concert Choir audition. Stakes were high as she attempted to join the select group for the second time.

    “I love singing,” she said. “This was my last chance to ever be in a choir [at BYU].”

    Daniel Blomberg said being in a BYU choir brings benefits not as obvious as others.

    “There are so many spiritual blessings from being a member of an audition choir,” he said. “My entire perspective of why I do music changed.”

    A spiritual awareness also touched the candidates during auditions, said Alicia Packer, a sophomore majoring in music education.

    “It”s the spirit that counts,” Packer said, and she remembered her auditioning director”s advice to sing with the spirit.

    A group of students who auditioned said the audition process and the directors” feedback were positive, even though they didn”t make it into the choir of their choice.

    “It”s not a big dramatic deal,” said Emily Kinghorne, a sophomore majoring in music education. “You have to be able to sing in tune and blend.”

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