Teams find Boy Scouts


    By Nicole Seymour

    Search and rescue crews found four teenage boys Thursday morning, July 17, who had been separated from their Boy Scout troop for two days and two nights while hiking through the Uinta Mountains.

    The four scouts of Troop 45 – Michael Grimes, 14; Bradley Grimes, 15; Trevor Paskett, 15; and Kevin Brown, 13 – were separated from the other members of the troop during an extended hike because they lagged behind, sun-burned and exhausted.

    The four scouts turned off the trail, became disoriented and failed to meet up with their troop that evening.

    Search crews and family members found the boys backtracking through Utah”s tallest mountains Thursday.

    Though the scouts were separated from the troop on Monday, members of the troop waited until Wednesday afternoon to inform authorities and family members that the scouts were lost.

    The Summit County search and rescue crew then began their search at about 4 p.m. Wednesday.

    At about 6 p.m., the boys” parents learned their sons were lost.

    “I was pretty nervous, but I knew they were smart boys who were well-equipped, and they knew how to stay together, and I knew they would be OK,” said Barbara Paskett, Trevor Paskett”s mother.

    The search was stalled during the night, but crews began combing the hills, including a helicopter search, early Thursday morning. The scouts were located at 10:30 a.m.

    The boys were in good condition because they had plenty of supplies. Members of the troop carried enough provisions to last through Saturday. They had planned to complete the hike Friday.

    “They had been gearing up and practicing for this hike all summer,” Ballard said. “I knew they were well-stocked as far as food and water were concerned. I wasn”t worried about them being ill-prepared, but I just didn”t want them to be injured or lost for a long time.”

    The boys” supplies included a water purifier and dehydrated food.

    Barbara Paskett spoke with her son Thursday afternoon, and he told her that he and her husband would stop to get something to eat on their way home.

    “I”m sure that he and his dad are having a great time,” she said.

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