McBride honored for family devotion


    By Stacey Reed

    With almost every other day booked on her summer tour, Martina McBride still finds time to be with her family – her first priority.

    And her devotion to family time has not gone unnoticed.

    Before the fireworks started and the crowd took their seats, Martina McBride, the featured performer for the Stadium of Fire, received an award during a pre-event gathering Friday.

    “We recognize Martina and John McBride with the family award for being great examples and in putting your marriage and family first,” said the award”s presenter Alan Osmond, chairman of the board of trustees of One Heart Foundation.

    The family award was given on behalf of The One Heart Foundation, and BYU”s School of Family Life.

    The One Heart Foundation, an international non-profit organization, couples its mission of strengthening families with organizations equally committed to the cause.

    “I have to say that lady deserves it,” Osmond said. ” Her image and the things that come out of her mouth are pro-family and value-driven.”

    The award honors individuals who exemplify strong family values.

    Osmond said while working with McBride in preparation for the Stadium of Fire, he learned Martina never does any business if her children have a day off from school.

    McBride, married since 1988 and mother of two girls, graciously accepted the award and said it was a tremendous honor.

    “The biggest compliment that I ever get is when somebody says I am a good mother because I work really hard at it,” she said. “And I think it”s the most important job in the whole world.”

    McBride acknowledged how she has been blessed with many gifts in her life, like the gift to make music and the gift of a “wonderful partner and two beautiful children.”

    “I think the thing I am most grateful for is the wisdom or the grace or whatever you want to call it to, quite a while ago, get my priorities straight and to put my family first, and it”s just made everything else so much easier,” she said.

    Sean Hannity, a past recipient of the family award, host on Fox News” “Hannity and Colmes,” and host for Stadium of Fire this year, said a few words after McBride spoke.

    “It”s clear why I love Utah – very simple: God, faith, family, country,” Hannity said.

    Some past recipients of the family award include recording artists, Tim McGraw and Faith Hill for devotion to marriage and family, and Bill Austin, founder of the Hearing Foundation, for dedicating time to strengthening families of the hearing impaired.

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