A Little Sahara


    Little Sahara has 120 square miles of sand dunes and trails perfect for four-wheelers, motorcycles, dune buggies and any other off road vehicles. There are dunes to jump, trails to ride and mountains to scale.


    Little Sahara has four campgrounds. One, Sand Mountain, leaves you mostly on your own, but the Oasis, White Sands, and Jericho campgrounds are complete with drinking water, bathrooms with running water and flushing toilets. Also, there are safe areas for kids to play in the sand and picnicking where vehicles can’t ride. All Little Sahara requires from you is an $8 fee per day for each car and flags on your off-road vehicles. If you don’t have flags they are available to purchase in the visitors center near the entrance station.


    If you and your friends lack access to four-wheelers they can be rented from Alpine Power Sports in Orem. So if you or none of your friends have access to off road vehicles, pool some money and rent a four-wheeler from Alpine Power Sports so you can head out to Little Sahara.


    To get to Little Sahara take I-15 southbound 20 miles, then get off on the first Santaquin/Hwy 6 exit. Go west 19 miles through Eureka and simply follow the signs that direct you to the Little Sahara Recreation Area. Pay your fee, set up camp and you’re good to go. Weave through the trails, jump off the sun-splashed dunes, then enjoy a night under the stars.

    A picturesque landscape may not be in store for you here, but great camping, beautiful sunsets and good terrain for four-wheeling are. Little Sahara is about 1.5 hours south of Provo.

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