Students see positives of new ROC pass system for BYU games


    Many BYU students support sports around campus by attending the games.

    The BYU student section in sports, known as the ROC, energetically supports various sports teams at BYU. 

    A recent change in the way students claim tickets for football and basketball games caused controversy for many sports fans. However, some students have found the change in ticket claim has been beneficial for their sports attendance despite the previous controversy.

    ROC pass tickets were changed in August 2023. ROC pass holders would need to claim tickets to each football and basketball games in order to attend. Previously, students would line up for hours previous to the games in order to secure their place at the games. 

    “I kind of grew to like it because we don’t have to wait in lines anymore. It’s just like, an easier way,” Lizzie Smith, ROC pass holder, said. “I did not like waiting in lines for hours and hours, so it was nice to just, like, get my ticket.”

    The change caused a great uproar online. The ROC passes still sold out despite the controversy. Many students say the atmosphere of the ROC is what keeps them coming back to the games.

    ROC pass holder Matthew Strickland said, “I love the environment of live sporting events. I love being there and, you know, feeling of that energy and stuff.”

    Strickland said he has never experienced any problems getting a ticket through the ticket claim system for the games.

    “The most recent basketball game was one of my favorites just because the ROC in the whole Marriott was just electric,” Strickland said.

    The new system is not without its flaws as fans try out the new ticket system. Some students say the website can be glitchy, making them to be unsure whether they got a ticket or not. Freshman Maddie Smith said the football games were also a learning experience for the ROC when it came to allowing people to save seats for their friends. 

    “People would show up 10 minutes before the game, but I’ve been there for like four to five hours and I still get a worse seat than them,” ROC pass holder Maddie Smith said. “So that bothers me, but I think they fixed that with the basketball tickets.”

    The ROC has not yet announced any information about ROC tickets next year. 

    ROC information can be found on their Instagram page

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