Nikki Haley speaks to Utah voters on faith, family, moral clarity

Ambassador Nikki Haley speaks at Utah Valley University in Orem. She affirmed her belief in faith and family to Utahns and encouraged them to vote on Super Tuesday. (Dylan Eubank)

Ambassador Nikki Haley spoke at a rally on Wednesday, Feb. 28 at Utah Valley University. She affirmed her belief in faith and family and encouraged Utahns to attend local caucuses on Tuesday, March 5.

With the upcoming Utah presidential primaries on Tuesday, March 5, Haley came into the rally confident despite her recent losses in the GOP primary.

Her losses included Michigan and South Carolina — her home state. She is currently behind Donald Trump in the GOP race, which left some people skeptical about her chances.

“In terms of her 2024 election hopes, I really don’t think it’s realistic,” Carson Draughon, a UVU student who attended the rally, said. “The Republican party is pretty clear about re-nominating Trump.”

Ambassador Nikki Haley addresses a crowd of Utahns at Utah Valley University. She spoke about illegal immigration, veteran medical care and incompetency in Congress. (Dylan Eubank)

Others found Hayley’s campaign inspiring. 

“I’d love to see a woman in the White House,” Utahn Angela Bates said. “She’s just common sense.”

During the rally, Hayley addressed issues currently plaguing many Americans. She spoke of her plans to amend the national debt crisis, reinforce the border, and help struggling veterans receive competent medical care. 

“This is the time when America needs a leader that has moral clarity,” Haley said. She criticized President Joe Biden and Former President Donald Trump for their age and emphasized the need for mental competency tests. 

Participants at the rally cheered when Haley said it was time for a new direction. 

“I strongly believe we have to have a new generation of leader that leaves the negativity and the baggage behind and moves forward,” she said.

At the end of the rally, Haley encouraged Utahns to be smart when voting and to attend the state’s caucus on Tuesday, March 5.

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