BYU study abroad programs rank top in nation, impact student lives


An Open Doors Report showed BYU ranks top in the country for taking students on study abroad trips. 

The David M. Kennedy Center for International Studies sends more than 2,000 students out yearly to 48 countries in 206 programs.

The Kennedy Center is a home base for all of BYU’s study abroad programs, international internships, direct enrollment and field school programs.

Roughly 17% of BYU students have participated on a study abroad during their time at BYU.

“I don’t want any BYU student graduating from this campus and not knowing that they could have gone on a study abroad. I want everyone to know that it’s an option,” Aaron Rose, international study programs coordinator, said.

BYU student Addison Sepulveda said she changed her major because of a study abroad.

“I study art history and I found that passion through a study abroad,” she said. “For example, when we’re studying art history, it’s awesome to look at a painting on a screen, but being able to go and see it in person, you kind of feel that like that much more of a passion and love for it.”

Study abroad programs can fulfill a variety of credit hours including electives, general education classes and classes within students’ respective majors.

“When a student comes in that door, it actually just gives me a huge joy to be able to talk to that student and figure out how we can help them, where is it that they want to go?” Rose said.

Interested readers may find a program that interests them in their major through the Kennedy Center.

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