Students’ e-rides on campus


BYU has smoothed out the ride for students on campus, changing the policy on use of electric devices like Segways and electric scooters this past year.

BYU security and students shared their thoughts about the use of electric-powered rideables on campus.

Students like Christian Pearson use segways because BYU’s campus is “huge.” Getting from one end to the other can take 15 minutes or longer, if you are a fast walker, he said.

The fast and more portable Segways, electric scooters, skateboards and bikes may be a convenient solution for busy students. However, BYU security cautioned riders to pump the brakes a bit and take it easy while zipping around on these devices.

“I’ve seen people slide out on the ice and totally eat it … they were fine, they walked away, tried to brush it off, you know, act cool,” Lexi Ella, a BYU security officer said.

Pearson, too, has biffed it on his Segway, he said. He thought it was because he was going too fast.

“I was okay, yeah, just scraped up my hands a little bit,” Pearson said. But, he did not let the crash stop him from hopping back on the Segway.

“I got right back on,” he said.

Security said though many students are good about parking their electric devices properly on campus, some students leave them indoors or locked to anything but the designated bike racks.

“The biggest problem with students and rideables is just them leaving inside buildings where they’re not supposed to be leaving them,” Ella said.

BYU security encouraged riders to follow the University’s policy regarding parking on campus. The policy can be found at

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