Students gather for Magic: The Gathering grand tournament


Provo is home to many clubs, but one of the most popular clubs is centered around a card game. Every Friday, dozens of students gather at the Dragon’s Keep game store in downtown Provo to compete in a grand tournament.

The game they all fight to win is Magic: The Gathering.

Each week, the Dragon’s Keep store comes alive with the sound of excited chatter and anticipation for the Magic: The Gathering tournament.

The fantasy-themed strategy card game has grown a large fanbase in Provo. Participants purchase last minute cards and snacks before heading into the backroom to take their seats.

Ben Woodward works at the Dragon’s Keep and helps host the Magic tournament.

“Most of these people don’t know each other, but they come in and play every week. We have a fantastic community. We’ve got new players, advanced players. Everyone is so helpful with new players coming in. They’ll answer questions, teach them how to play,” Woodward said.

The Dragon’s Keep app pairs up two opponents to face off against each other, armed with a deck of cards. The aim of the game is to deplete each other’s cards. The winners play off against each other until a magic champion is chosen.

Provo local Dan Hadfield has participated in multiple Dragon’s Keep tournaments.

“My personal favorite bit is just meeting new people and goofing off with pieces of paper. The right balance for me of casual and competitive play. You’re trying to win, and you’re having fun,” Hadfield said.

Although the tournaments begin at 7 p.m., they extend well into the early hours of the morning. The Dragon’s Keep hosts multiple games a week and even a family home evening board game night on Mondays.

Dates for future competitions can be found on the Dragon’s Keep website.

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