Sister Kristen M. Yee gives five thoughts on relief through Jesus Christ


Sister Kristen M. Yee, second counselor in the Relief Society General Presidency, gave five insights on finding relief through Jesus Christ and a covenant relationship with God.

Sister Yee explained that making covenants with God means that no matter the circumstances, God will be with those who faithfully try to honor their covenants. In moments of trial and uncertainty, God will help.

“When we feel His love and reciprocate that love by choosing Him each day, the gospel becomes less about checkboxes and more about love and desire,” Sister Yee said. “This allows real gospel roots to grow in us, which brings lasting nourishment and joy.”

There is relief in trusting the Lord to direct the path of life, she said. Uncertainty can become less scary.

“Through the years, the concerns of the unknown have become secondary to knowing whether or not the Lord was in it,” Sister Yee said. “As you trust your life to Him, your love for Him will grow. I know that He knows you, and that your path is known to Him.”

Yee then addressed how individuals can find relief by providing relief to others. By looking outward, each person will change and feel God’s love, according to Sister Yee.

“At times when I’m feeling off or need help, which is often, I have felt to go and focus on someone else’s needs, and in doing so, it has brought the blessings that I didn’t know I needed,” Yee said. “Each time I have made an effort to pray for and love those I minister to, I have been deeply blessed, and I feel changed.”

Personal relationships can also be infused with relief, Sister Yee said. All relationships will elevate when individuals look to Jesus Christ.

“As we keep our covenants with all our hearts and worship in the house of the Lord, we receive strength and power to navigate and nurture our relationships with increased personal revelation, peace and divine help,” Sister Yee said.

Sister Yee shared an experience she had while visiting her father, whom she had left on “poor terms.” As they partook of the sacrament, she noticed that they were both trying to do better. She said she felt that God loves families.

“He desires to heal and bless them, to help them grow,” Sister Yee said. “And as you come closer to God in your covenant relationship, you will feel those small or big promptings of the Spirit to adjust something in your relationships, to do things in such a way that will bring His blessings to your family and other relationships, both here on earth and to those on the other side of the veil.”

Sister Yee shared that the covenant relationship with God is a continual source of relief. She related the biblical story of the woman at the well.

Because Jesus Christ is the water and covenants bind people to Him, their capacities will increase, according to Sister Yee.

“That power expands the resources and capacities inside you like a wellspring of living waters, which allows you to navigate and cope with the challenges of life, and even help you to receive joy amidst the difficulties,” Sister Yee said. “That power is manifest through the companionship of the Spirit.”

To explain this concept, Sister Yee described biological soil crust, which supports life by stopping erosion and providing places for plants to grow even in hostile circumstances.

“This crust layer also acts like a sponge, absorbing and storing water for plants to tap into to survive the dry and hot conditions,” Sister Yee said.  “Over time other organisms grow into the soil as well. And together they create a continuous living crust that supports desert life. Just as this ‘continuous living crust’ sustains life and provides relief, our covenant relationship with God creates a personal life-giving ecosystem that can nourish us and those around us amidst the dry deserts of our lives.”

In conclusion, Sister Yee suggested going to the temple to find peace, hope and relief. She encouraged people who have not yet attended the temple to study and learn what God wants for them.

“If you have not received the blessings of the house of the Lord yet, I invite you to study about the blessings of temple covenants, priesthood power and what God desires for you,” Sister Yee said. “These blessings were meant for you.”

Sister Yee counseled listeners to not wait to feel God’s love, power and relief.

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