Eye on the Y: Hike and Light the Y, Mayor Michelle Kaufusi shares power of teambuilding


BYU community hikes the Y Mountain to light the Y

BYU students and alumni hike up Y mountain to light up the Y. The tradition has occurred since 1924. (Brigham Young University, via Facebook)

The BYU community hiked Y mountain to light up the giant Y at 7:30 p.m. on Tuesday, Oct. 17. Participants used their phones and other devices to light up the iconic symbol of the university.

The first 1000 participants to hike the Y received a flashlight and a “I hiked the Y” sticker. Hot chocolate and doughnuts were also provided and Cosmo the Cougar made an appearance.

The annual Hike and Light the Y event has occurred annually for homecoming since 1924.

Mayor Michelle Kaufusi shares message of teambuilding to BYU

Mayor Michelle Kaufusi shares a message on teamwork to the BYU community. Mayor Kaufusi was born and raised in Provo and is a BYU alumna. (Joel Leighton)

Provo Mayor Michelle Kaufusi shared a message of teamwork to the BYU community in the Kimball Tower on Thursday, Oct 19. Mayor Kaufusi’s message centered on her life and career leading up to her tenure as mayor and emphasized the value of teamwork.

The event, hosted by the College of Family, Home and Social Sciences, also offered cupcakes to participants.

Mayor Kaufusi was born and raised in Provo and is a BYU alumna. Mayor Kaufusi is also the city’s first female mayor.

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