Provo City Power brings community together through educational event


Hundreds of individuals came together to learn more about the role of Provo City Power during their annual community event on Oct. 5.

Event participants learned about the various duties Provo City Power employees undertake on a daily basis.

Provo Power public relations manager Becky Hunt said the event helped participants understand what is required for power to run smoothly across the city.

“Power is taken for granted because like when we have an outage, they understand what it takes to get the service to them and provide that power to them on a daily service,” Hunt said.

Event participant Mario Cuevas said the event was a great opportunity for people in Provo to become more unified as they learn about power.

“I think anything where the city’s name is on it, I feel like that’s a great opportunity for people specifically in your city to come together and learn together and kind of have unified goals, especially in power and conservation,” Cuevas said.

Participants of the event had the opportunity to ride the electrician boom lifts, play a variety of games and experience some of the duties of an electrician at the event’s various booths.

“It’s a gathering place, right? It’s where people can come together and be with everybody from the community and then also learn something about what Provo Power does for them as we serve them and hopefully that they can help to serve others,” Hunt said.

People of all ages had the opportunity to learn more about Provo City Power and how to leave a smaller energy footprint.

“I think the biggest takeaway for an adult would be that the saving is in the clean energy savings, which is always smart, always something to check up on every year,” Cuevas said.

Provo City Power is encouraging individuals in Provo to learn more about the role of the city’s utility services as they prepare for its next event.

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