BYUtv offers sports broadcast opportunities to students


BYUtv is helping students break into an industry that is notoriously difficult to get into.

At BYU Broadcasting, professionals provide training and opportunities that students can’t get anywhere else.

“In this industry it’s really tough to get a job without experience, and it’s hard to get experience,” said David Phillips Jr., head of BYUtv Sports. “BYUtv is a real station. I can’t think of any other university that has a real TV station where students can come work in the industry. This is a great opportunity for students to gain experience and see if this is something they want to do.”

This was true for Colton Potter, who changed his major to journalism after starting a job with BYUtv.

“I got the job at BYUtv and I fell in love with the production aspect of sports, and within a couple weeks of working there I knew that’s what I wanted to do,” he said.

Students take on real responsibility at BYUtv producing entire shows themselves. “For the last couple of years I have been producing for BYU Sports Nation and a couple other shows,” Potter said.

Working for BYUtv can provide opportunities for students outside of BYU. Potter has done freelance work with ESPN, CBS Sports, Fox Sports and Real Salt Lake.

“All of those freelance opportunities that I’ve gotten have been at the recommendation from one of my bosses at BYUtv,” Potter said.

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