BYU Student Wellness hosts Lazy Triathlon challenge


BYU Student Wellness is hosting the Lazy Triathlon in March.

The Lazy Triathlon is a challenge where people have one month to bike 112 miles, run 26.2 miles, and swim 2.4 miles. If participants complete the tasks and fill out their tracking sheet by the end of the month, they get a free T-shirt.

Blake Bevan is participating in the Lazy Triathlon with his coworkers.

“Everyone is supportive. Everyone wants to complete it so they can wear the shirts at the end, kinda like, hey we all did this,” Bevan said. 

Bevan is more of a runner and said the Lazy Triathlon has helped him focus on other disciplines like biking.

Bevan is also part of the BYU Triathlon Club. The club gets together Monday through Friday at 6 a.m. every morning. They run three times a week, swim two times a week, and then bike on their own. 

“Getting a group together is really able to help you get to the next level and achieve things you never thought you could,” Bevan said. 

Bevan said doing a triathlon isn’t as crazy as people think. 

“For the most part, people can bike, people can swim, people can run. It’s not as big of a mountain as people might think in their mind.”

According to Bevan, there’s a variety of distances and types of triathlons that people can do. 

“Just go for it is what I would say,” Bevan said. 

There are plenty of opportunities to get involved in triathlons, including the Lazy Triathlon. Sign-ups have passed for this semester’s Lazy Triathlon but there will be another in the fall.

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