BYU students discuss new ‘Hogwarts Legacy’ game


The return of a favorite mystical universe is back. 

The Harry Potter franchise is experiencing a revival through a new game called “Hogwarts Legacy,” created by a local Salt Lake City company, Avalanche Software. The game features the iconic castle, Hogsmeade, and a bigger, open-world concept. 

“I really like story-driven games where it feels like almost like a movie happening, it keeps me entertained and encaptured in the story,” Colton Clayburn, a player of Hogwarts Legacy, said.

Hogwarts Legacy takes place in the late 1800s, and players start as a fifth-year student with a mysterious talent. 

“It’s fun to just be experimenting with new characters and learning about different stories,” Clayburn said. 

Hogwarts Legacy gained traction from both gamers and Potter fans. The game made $850 million during its first two weeks, making it the biggest global launch ever for the Warner Brothers Discovery company. 

The Clayburns are fans of the Potter universe who have been anticipating the game. 

“We did a Harry Potter movie marathon a while ago and so it’s been really cool to see this and to see this game come out and just watch him play it,” Baylee Johnson-Clayburn said. 

The game is available on PC, PlayStation, Xbox and Nintendo Switch, with some of those releases coming later in the year.

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