Knitting, crocheting gaining popularity among BYU students


Knitting and crocheting may not just be an activity of the past and might be making a comeback, according to some students.

“I feel like I have a couple of friends who want to start crocheting or knitting, it seems so fun,” BYU student Mira Larsen said. “For me, it’s made a comeback.”

Julia Hamson is currently working on this knitting project. Hanson gets together with her friends every Tuesday to knit and crochet together. (Julia Hamson)

Julia Hamson, a junior studying political science, has her own version of a knitting club. According to Hanson, she gathers with a group of friends every week to knit or crochet and decompress from life.

“It’s really calming and meditative because it takes so little brainpower, and you’re still able to do other things like talk with friends or watch TV,” she said.

Hamson used to knit when she was younger because her grandparents taught her, but stopped. She picked it back up about a year and a half ago and began her own club last fall with a friend she had taught to knit over the summer.

Although Hamson is part of a knitting club, there is currently no club specifically for knitting at BYU. The BYU Needlework Club, however, does welcome all sorts of needlework including knitting, crocheting and sewing according to their Instagram page.

Another student gained interest through social media. “I was on Instagram and I saw these cute little crocheted animals, and they cost $100,” BYU alumna Hailey Manley said. “I can’t buy that, but I can try to make it.”

Manley said in order to pursue this new passion, she began taking classes at Willow Hill Yarn company located in South Jordan.

Located 45 minutes north of Provo, Willow Hill Yarn Company offers knitting and crocheting classes ranging from beginner to advanced. Willow Hill Yarn Company also provides a knitting night for individuals 18 and older every Wednesday from 6-8 p.m. According to their website, the night allows attendees of all skill levels to come together and help each other work on their projects.


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BYU student Lydia Bradford has been knitting for the past 11 years. Throughout this time she has made multiple blankets and her own clothes as well.

“Everyone on TikTok seems to be doing it way more often, it seems cooler than just a ‘grandma’ activity,” Bradford said.

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