Galentine’s Day celebrations on the rise in Utah


What started as a TV bit is now a growing holiday in the U.S. Friends gather together to celebrate non-romantic love with Galentine’s Day.

BYU’s heartbreak skate on Feb. 1 celebrated a different type of love. Hosted in the Wilk ballroom, this skate night invited everyone no matter their relationship status. 

This is part of a trend celebrating different types of love during Valentine’s Day.

“In my opinion, I like Galentine’s Day better. So for me it’s always hanging out with my friends,” BYU student Brynna Vickery said.

Galentine’s Day, typically celebrated on Feb. 13, skates away from romantic valentines and towards the love that comes from friendship. 

The celebration originated from the sitcom Parks and Rec. In the show, Leslie Knope, played by actress Amy Poehler, celebrates Galentine’s Day with her close girlfriends. 

“Every February 13, my lady friends and I leave our husbands and boyfriends at home and we just come and kick it breakfast style. Ladies celebrating ladies,” Poehler’s character said in the episode. 

From a Galentine’s Paint Night at the Hogle Zoo to a craft night in Salt Lake City, there are multiple events in Utah to celebrate women and friendship. 

One of these events is the Valentine’s Museum, a pop-up museum located next to the University Mall. 

“That’s my whole mission in life is just to change the way people feel about Valentine’s day and feel like it applies to them and feel like it doesn’t matter what your relationship status is as much as just being so grateful for all the love in your life,” museum founder Nikki Utley said. 

The Valentine’s Museum features interactive exhibits such as a fun house of toxic traits, an exhibit on the body and finding love within yourself, and a cuddle puddle. 

The museum is open Feb. 10-11 and of course, 14. 

“I hope that the result is that they come out with more appreciation with all the love that’s available to them no matter what,” Utley said.

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