BYU senior opens private vocal studio


BYU senior and music student Amelia White runs her own private vocal studio.

White said she has always had a love for music. “It’s hard to articulate why I love music because it’s like asking to explain why I love living,” she said. 

As graduation started to approach, White decided to open the studio. She said it did not take long for her to find several students who share a passion for music. 

White said, “I decided to open my own studio because I wanted to help people unlock their talents to their full potential and help them sing beautifully and healthily.”

White said the experiences, training and knowledge the School of Music provides students helps them become effective teachers — both how to teach in a classroom setting and in a one-on-one environment.

White said she believes an effective music education has variety and an understanding of more than one style. Because of this, White specializes in classical, musical theater and pop styles. She challenges her students to learn a style and develop vocal placement that might be new or unfamiliar to them. 

“Music is a way for people to express themselves in a way words can’t,” White said. “Music moves people to change, to feel in ways they haven’t felt before, to unite people in one purpose of creating something beautiful or experiencing something beautiful.”

One of White’s first students was her cousin, Erin White. The two of them have always shared a love for music, and when Erin White began university, she also planned on pursuing a career in music education. 

Although she said life has taken her in a different direction, Erin White said her passion for music will always be there. “Music will always be a huge part of me, music brings out confidence you didn’t know you have,” she said.

When Erin White heard that Amelia was opening her own studio, she jumped at the opportunity to expand her talents at an affordable price with a teacher she trusted. 

Amelia White’s studio is continuing to expand with her newest student, Aaron Birmingham. Birmingham has a personal history with music and has expressed his excitement to continue developing his talents.

“I’m taking voice lessons because I want to make music wherever I go without needing an instrument with me,” Birmingham said. “I’m taking voice lessons from Amelia because I think she can adjust her teaching to fit my own style.”

Birmingham was impressed with White’s personalized approach to teaching and is confident that this personalized approach is what will make these one-on-one voice lessons so effective.

Amelia White teaches voice lessons at her apartment or the BYU music building in Provo, as well as in Herriman. Depending on location, she will also commute to teach students in their own home.

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