Good News Thursday: Police surprise motorists with $100, Man recovers wife’s lost wedding rings from trash trailer, Substitute teacher donates salary to classroom


Police surprise motorists with $100


Police sergeants in Lake Placid, New York are surprising motorists with $100, after a few anonymous donors left a tip of $2500 outside of the police department. Instead of issuing tickets, the sergeants decided to spread Christmas cheer and hand out money to the unsuspecting drivers. 

It was a very unexpected holiday surprise for many motorists, as they expected to be fined after being pulled over for common traffic violations. “You get what’s coming to you, and this is definitely not what I thought was coming to me,” recipient Tore King said.

“It’s nice to just be able to go out, and as opposed to, you know, giving someone a ticket, be able to say, hey you know what, have a better day, here’s 100 dollars,” Saranac Lake Police Chief Darin Perotte said.

Man recovers wife’s lost wedding rings from trash trailer

Kevin Butler holds his wife’s wedding rings after accidentally throwing them into the trash. Butler found the rings in a 20-ton trash trailer and returned to the trash station hours after they were thrown away. (Dennis Senibaldi via AP)

Kevin Butler, a New Hampshire man, has found his wife’s wedding rings in a 20-ton trash trailer after accidentally throwing them away. He visited the trash station hours after he had lost them, and the crew used an excavator to scoop up the trash until they were found. 

When his wife told him that she had cleaned the rings and left them to dry in a napkin, he realized that he had tossed the napkin into the trash. Dennis Senibaldi, the trash station supervisor, was able to help Butler search. After Senibaldi spotted a white bag with celery stalks inside, he looked deeper until he found the napkin. 

“Literally, I opened up the napkin, there were the two rings,” Senibaldi said.

Substitute teacher donates salary to classroom

Dr. Greg Cilvierti, a physician from Louisville, works part time so that he can substitute teach on Fridays. He donates 100% of his pay check to the classroom. (WLKY)

Dr. Greg Cilvierti, a primary care physician in Louisville, works part-time as a doctor and sets aside his Fridays to be a substitute teacher. He donates 100% of his paycheck to the classroom that he works in, after he heard that the district was short on teachers. 

“Well, I actually liked school. I know that makes me a bizarre person, but I really did like school, and actually think learning is fun,” Dr. Cilvierti said. The money that he donates goes towards books and materials, or the teacher’s classroom budget. 

“He likes to, you know, make those connections with them, circulate around the room, work with kids one on one and talk with them. He’s very soft spoken, kind, just there to help.” Cane Run Elementary Principal Christie Horn said. 

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