Eye on the Y: BYU named No. 5 school in the world for game design, BYU engineering hosts the first Toyota Day


BYU named No. 5 school in the world for video game design

BYU students produced Liminus: The Silent Guard. This video game helped give BYU its name as the number five school in the world for game design and development. (Photo from Liminus: The Silent Gaurd)

BYU students created and produced a new video game that received the “Highly Commended” award from the Rookie Awards.

Rookie Awards is an international board that evaluates and ranks top video game design schools around the world. This award earned BYU its name as the No. 5 school in the world for game design and development.

The winning game was Liminus: The Silent Guard, an interactive computer game directed by BYU students Emily Ellis and Gabe Reed. The two worked with a group of around 50 other students that began in the summer of 2021.

BYU engineering hosted the first Toyota Day

BYU Ira A. Fulton College of Engineering partnered with Toyota to hold the first Toyota Day on campus. The event took place on November 9. (Photo by Sawyer Nunley)

For the first time, BYU College of Engineering hosted a Toyota Day on November 9. The event featured cars and student recruiters that shared opportunities at the company.

Toyota noticed efforts by associate professor Yuri Hovanski to introduce SMART manufacturing methods and technologies to BYU several years ago and wanted to know what the college could offer them.

“Their team had met with numerous other universities and the ABET accreditation committees,” said Hovanski. “Ultimately, BYU’s manufacturing department was recognized as a strategic place for Toyota to focus recruiting.

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