Photo Story: Unique campus jobs


There are a variety of unique places to work on campus including campus tours, The Sweet Stop, intramural supervising and campus floral. BYU students share their experiences working for BYU.

BYU Admissions: Campus Tours

“I love being a campus tour guide because I get to share about my experience with people who are thinking about applying to BYU,” BYU Admissions employee Claire Rogers said.

“I remember when I was thinking about colleges and I really wanted to come to BYU. When I first applied I didn’t get accepted, I applied again and I got accepted. Ending up here is a blessing and I feel like a way to repay that debt is by talking to others and telling them about all the blessings that come from attending BYU,” she said.

The Sweet Stop

“We get to talk to a lot of the customers and we get usuals. So we’ll get to meet a ton of people that come around every day. And then all of the girls are super tight, it’s a close knit group,” Emily Saunders, a Sweet Stop employee said.

Intramural Supervisor

“I feel like this job is great because I get to support the players, all so they can have a very fun, sportsmanship like games doing what they love to do,” intramural supervisor Rachel Thompson said.

Campus Floral

“First and foremost, I love who I get to work with. It’s such a fun group of people here,” campus floral employee Jane Selander said. “I would consider most of them my best friends and my bosses Corrine and Heather are so sweet, so supportive. I also love that I get to use a completely different part of my brain. I get to come here and get to be creative.”

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