BYU will require new Latter-day Saint employees to have a valid temple recommend

(Hannah Miner/BYU Photo)
BYU employees will now be required have a current temple recommend, The Church Educational System announced Thursday. (Photo by Jaren Wilkey/BYU Photo)

The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints announced that BYU, along with other Church Educational System schools, will now require new employees to have a current temple recommend.

Members who are already employed will not need to adopt the new policy, but they are encouraged by President Kevin J Worthen to voluntarily commit to the same standard. According to the Church Newsroom, continuing employees who choose not to adopt the policy, as well as nonmembers, will have to continue to meet current ecclesiastical standards.

The new requirements are effective immediately. Updating the policy reflects the expectations for employees to engage in the CES institution’s spiritual mission.

“No institutional decision is more important to us than the selection of employees, including faculty, as it has the greatest potential to impact our students,” Church Commissioner of Education Elder Clark G. Gilbert said.

President Worthen sent a letter to BYU employees encouraging them to opt into the updated policy.

“While some may consider this a minor adjustment from our current standard, we believe it will further align us with our mission,” he said.

The policy does not apply to working students unless they are employed at Provo Missionary Training Center or in the For Strength of Youth (FSY) programs.

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