BYU Connect creates new opportunities for networking


BYU Connect is one of BYU’s best kept secrets. It’s like LinkedIn, except it was created specifically for BYU students and alumni.

BYU Student Alumni Association works to help students connect with BYU alumni and one of their favorite tools is the platform BYU Connect.

“As a freshman, BYU Connect is a great opportunity to find different majors that you might be interested in, different career paths, connect with alumni and explore,” Executive Vice President of BYU Student Alumni Isabella De Guzman said.

But those involved with the program insist that the benefits aren’t limited to underclassmen.

“As a junior or senior, BYU Connect can be a great opportunity for you to find internship opportunities, network with different alumni in various fields as well as find possible job opportunities,” De Guzman said.

BYU student Zac McMillan said BYU connect is helpful for him because it narrows down his major options and helps him create goals that are meaningful to him. He said his career trajectory would not be the same without it.

“I really feel like this was something that helped me get to where I was supposed to go,” McMillan said.

But those working to grow the platform want students to gain more from the experience than just a job.

“Our slogan for BYU Connect is ‘Find a mentor, be a mentor.’ Students can really find mentors for their careers, for their majors, and just generally for their life,” De Guzman said.

So for both current students still on campus and former students who maybe haven’t been back in a while, BYU Connect’s ultimate goal is to get them, well, connected.

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