Shopping small for the holidays


By Alexa Larson

The holidays are approaching quickly and now is the time to get a head start on gift shopping. COVID-19 has caused a ripple effect on the global supply chain, delaying shipments this year. That means there has never been a better time to shop local.

“I feel like as a worker here, like we invest so much in our customers. We just want them to have the best experience,” Called to Surf employee Lauren Davies said.

Local businesses all throughout Utah are gearing up for a busy holiday season. Boutique owners, artists and bakers are just a few of the entrepreneurs hoping to do well with their sales this year and continue to grow their businesses.

“This time of year is a time where a lot of small businesses grow,” freelance artist Megan Larson said. This is because everybody wants unique and customizable gifts, she said.

There are lots of good reasons to shop small for the holidays.

“Since it’s a smaller store compared to those big department stores it’s just so easy to get help from the staff and it’s just a nice experience,” Davies said.

“I think shopping small just can be more heartfelt from that customer’s perspective and I think that’s why a lot of people choose to reach out to me for custom orders, is to make something really special,” Larson said.

“Especially around the holidays just because that time of year gets so stressful and I feel like it’s a super nice plus to have good customer service on your side,” Davies said.

Because of COVID-19’s long-lasting disruptions, many people are feeling stressed about getting their holiday packages delivered to them in time. But when you shop local, not only are you avoiding these possible shipping delays, you’re also helping entrepreneurs in your communities to succeed.

“When you shop small you really are helping artists like me, and different entrepreneurs and creators, to live out their dream and to watch their businesses grow. So I think that’s such a special thing for us. We love all of our customers so much for that reason,” Larson said.

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