Mixed Reality Lab on campus creates new worlds


The world of virtual reality is becoming more and more relevant in the future of technology. BYU’s Mixed Reality Lab gives students hands-on experience with the latest in virtual reality.

The Mixed Reality Lab is an interactive technology hub located in the Crabtree Technology Building. The lab lets students and professors experiment with various mixed reality experiences such as virtual, augmented and extended realities.

“As much of your sensations that we can manipulate as possible, that’s the goal. We want to transport you from where you are to somewhere else,” Mixed Reality Club president Craig Harris said.

The Mixed Reality Club is filled with students who are passionate about virtual reality and share a love for keeping up with advancements in the field.

“The club does their best to help people learn to develop these applications. There’s quite a bit of excitement,” Harris said.

The lab is equipped with the latest technology in the industry such as VR headsets, computer systems and software, consoles and cameras, projectors, and 4K TV screens.

“Being on the bleeding edge of technology and programming and doing things in VR is my hobby. It’s the best job I could have had here at BYU,” lab assistant Ben Keller said.

The club meets every Tuesday from 5-7 p.m. in the Crabtree Technology Building to discuss their latest projects and bond through enthusiasm for VR.

“My favorite thing about VR has always been doing things that don’t exist in reality, so like flying around in a jet pack or exploring new worlds,” lab assistant Katherine Rackliffe said.

In the lab this semester, students have been working on a project for a master’s student who created a 3D geometric model of campus. The lab helped convert the images into a virtual reality experience.

“You can walk right up to the Maeser statue or the Brigham Young statue and there it is, in perfect detail,” Harris said.

The Mixed Reality Lab gives students the opportunity to not only explore other realities, but also become familiar with the computer software behind the magic.

“If you ever want to try out VR and see what this buzz is all about just stop by during one of our club meetings and we’ll take you on an adventure across the stars or something,” Keller said.

Whether you are interested in exploring the mysteries of other realities or just want some fun, check out BYU’s Mixed Reality Club.

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