Education in Zion exhibit encourages visitors to ‘be still’

An Education in Zion exhibit sign inspires visitors to be still. The exhibit, “Be Still: Building a Mindful Life,” focuses on developing mindful habits and taking time to ponder. (Anna Wilson)

A new exhibit in the BYU Education in Zion Gallery focuses on developing mindful habits and taking time to ponder, encouraging visitors to “be still.”

The exhibit, “Be Still: Building a Mindful Life,” features quotes from famous individuals on being mindful, application tips on creating a mindful life and a chalkboard where visitors can share their gratitude.

“The Be Still exhibit is such a great place and has so much cool information that I think can help a lot of students,” said Coral Van Noy, a BYU junior studying psychology. “Mindfulness is a really great way to reduce stress and feel more peace in your life.”

As stated on the Education in Zion website, the Be Still exhibit will be up until spring 2024.

David Erekson, exhibition guest curator and licensed psychologist said, “I work with so many students who feel like their minds always need to be busy in order to be productive or worthwhile. I was really drawn to this project because it would encourage folks to slow down.”

Erekson and two student research assistants — Tiffany Lotulelei and ReyLynn Taylor — developed the content for the exhibit. Professional designers took the content and brought it to life with Education in Zion curator Heather Seforovich’s leadership and oversight.

“It takes a team and I’m very grateful to see it ready for the public,” said Emily Darowski, exhibition guest curator and psychology librarian.

The Education in Zion gallery first opened in 2008. It is now home to a permanent exhibit and two featured exhibits. Education for Eternity, the permanent exhibit, focuses on the study, experience, and revelation cycle in addition to the four aims of a BYU education.

The two featured exhibits are Be Still: Building a Mindful Life, and Constructing a Soul. 

“It’s important for all of us to be still and to ponder,” Seferovich said. “I think it’s very wise for all of us to use our agency to be centered and to be grounded.”

More information on the gallery and its exhibits can be found on the Education in Zion website.

“People should come and experience mindfulness here,” Seferovich said. “The whole gallery is a great place to visit.”

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