Cornbelly’s Corn Maze makes USA Top 10 list


One of the best corn mazes in the country is right here in Utah County. Cornbelly’s Corn Maze at Thanksgiving Point made USA Today’s Top 10 list.

The layout of the corn maze this year has a patriotic theme of “Oh bea-Utah-ful” which is meant to inspire unity in the community.

The maze covers eight acres so there are several helps in the maze such as interactive maps via QR codes and employees known as Corn Cops to help you find your way.

“You can get them out of the maze and it’s really fun to like know the maze, because you feel really professional,” Corn Cop Haydon Balzotti said.

Cornbelly’s has grown a lot in the last 26 years. They added games and events such as apple blasting, pig races, and Insanity Point which is a fright fest experience every Monday, Friday and Saturday.

But the corn maze started it all.

“That’s all it was, was a corn maze. It was started by a group of BYU students, and it was a fun adventure,” marketing and events director Kamille Combs said.

Cornbelly’s this year is also expanding to Spanish Fork. They hope that location will have a more country feel.

“Picking a pumpkin right from the patch, avoiding some of the crowds,” Combs said.

In the maze friends travel in small groups or large crowds, but watch your step for cut down corn stocks, especially if you plan on racing friends to the finish.

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