Students come together to light the Y

Video by Isabel Brown

This week to celebrate Homecoming Week students were able to hike and light the Y. “Light the Y” is hosted by the Student Alumni Association, who strive to connect students with alumni through events like this one.

“Basically, what we want to do is we want them to get so excited about BYU and the purpose of the Y while they’re here that they want to continue to give back to BYU even after they are gone,” Student Alumni Association member Eliza Hafen said.

“Light the Y” is one of the oldest traditions at BYU and began in 1924. It allows past and present students to reflect on their personal “Y” and the opportunities offered to them here.

“My vision with this event is that we want people to hike and light the Y within. We want them to feel like when the Y is lit, that it helps them recognize what they are doing here at BYU,” Hafen said.

Alumni and student volunteers were there to help students board chartered buses and make their way to the Y Trailhead.

“It’s just going to be a long process of getting everyone up there, and so once everyone is up there and surrounding the Y, turn on all the lights, and pretty much celebrate and welcome in Homecoming!” student volunteer Makena Mecham said.

This opportunity is a little more precious for students who began their college experience during the pandemic.

“I have a friend who volunteers here and she said ‘hey, come volunteer with me,’ and I said yes. This is my first time, but my second year at BYU,” student volunteer Bowen King said.

Volunteers waited with donuts and hot chocolate for those who completed the hike as drone techs filmed the parade of students up and down the trail.

“We just want them to recognize the great opportunity that they have to be at this amazing school,” Hafen said.

Thousands of students have been able to reach new heights as they lit the Y.

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