Illness runs rampant on campus


“Sunday morning  I just woke up, had a headache, had a cough, tons of drainage, and it was one of those things like ‘ah man, I definitely got the cold right now,'” Thomas Walters said.

Walters is one of many BYU students who have fallen prey to an illness that has accompanied the shift to cooler temperatures, turning carefree trots across campus into crumpled up tissues thrown across the room.

“It kinda just got worse and worse over the past few days,” Walters said.

This sickness has raged rampant through the community of Provo. “I know that a lot of students have gotten it,” Walters said. The spread has occurred despite the efforts of students like Walters to stop the sharing of viral germs.

“I was coughing a ton yesterday, felt like I couldn’t get it under control so didn’t want to go and spread that across campus or anything,” he said.

Students at BYU have been stocking up on medicine and trying to play it safe, but the disease is persistent and tough to avoid. “The way I think I got it was just from hanging out with my friends, and that wasn’t on the University or going to classes or anything like that, I mean we’re here in classes, we’re wearing masks and stuff,” he said.

BYU has been preparing to prevent the spread of viruses during the ongoing battle against COVID-19. That bodes well for the new fight against other illnesses that are impacting the community.

“I mean you can’t perfectly control a virus,” Walters said.

With complete prevention of the disease looking impossible, people are restocking on medicine at the pharmacy and visiting local health clinics often.

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