Upcoming ‘Be Creative’ art gallery accepting submissions

All BYU students are invited to submit art under the theme “Be You” for an upcoming Women’s Services and Resources art gallery. (BYU Women’s Services and Resources)

BYU Women’s Services and Resources is accepting submissions for its upcoming “Be Creative” Art Gallery, an event meant to highlight individuality and personal creativity. 

The event will be part of the yearly “Be You” campaign, a 10-day-long challenge beginning Sept. 15. “The whole purpose of the campaign is to embrace individuality and combat perfectionism,” said Ben Byers, Women’s Services campaign specialist. 

Byers said the office does the campaign at the beginning of the year because there are a lot of freshmen coming in trying to figure out what their identity is going to be at BYU. “We want everyone to know that they can be themselves.”

According to Madeline Clark, exercise science senior and volunteer student coordinator for the campaign, “Be You” is also meant to be a reflective period for its participants. “The campaign allows students — all students — to focus on different aspects of their lives and check in with themselves,” she said.

Each day of “Be You” is themed differently, with days such as “Be Fearless,” “Be Mindful” and “Be Healthy.” The “Be Creative” Art Gallery will be the cumulative event of the campaign according to Byers. The gallery will be open Sept. 22 from 4:30-6:30 p.m. at 3220 WSC. All art submissions for the gallery are due on Sept. 16 and can be submitted at 3220 WSC.  

Students are encouraged to take advantage of the resources offered through Women’s Services. Clark, who first got involved with Women’s Services as a freshman with an interest in women’s health, said the office is a “one-stop shop” for student health, community involvement and personal growth.

“I took the initiative to reach out because there was something that I felt was really important. WSR is a really great place to find your voice,” she said. 

Women’s Services and Resources Director Dixie Sevison said the office is here to educate, empower and connect the campus community. “At the end of the day, being able to help and support our students is what motivates me to keep coming back.”

For more information on the “Be You” campaign and other ways to get involved with Women’s Services and Resources, readers can visit the Women’s Services Resources website.

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