Camps and conferences return to BYU

Addie Blacker
EFY attendees are seen across campus after the program returned to BYU in-person this summer. The improvement of COVID-19 conditions and ease of restrictions has allowed the university to have conferences and camps on campus. (Addie Blacker)

The improvement of COVID-19 conditions and ease of COVID-19 restrictions allowed BYU to have conferences and camps on campus in varying capacities.


Especially For the Youth is hosting in-person camps this summer. The first EFY event was scheduled for May 31 with the last event running until Aug. 7. Spots are almost completely full.

EFY is basing its COVID-19 protocols off of BYU’s Summer Youth Program COVID-19 management policy guidelines, which draw influence from state, local and CDC guidelines.

“The BYU administration has been monitoring COVID-19 conditions throughout the pandemic, including all state, local and CDC guidelines,” Especially For Youth Director Ben McKinnon said.

EFY’s COVID-19 protocols require participants to wear a mask when directed to by staff, physically distance and to complete daily screening, among other requirements.

Even with a set COVID-19 policy, EFY may have to alter its guidelines based off of COVID-19 trends. “Changes are occurring regularly. For instance, BYU recently updated many of the campus protocols related to COVID-19. These changes affect our processes as we plan for youth camps this summer,” McKinnon said.

In the event a participant contracts COVID-19, they will receive a refund depending on how long they could attend the camp and may be able to attend a future event, depending on availability, McKinnon said.


The BYU Sports Camps website says improved COVID-19 conditions are allowing BYU to host the camps this summer. “With conditions improving and health protocols in place, BYU Athletics is planning to have safe and amazing in-person camps once again!”

The first available BYU sports camp was women’s volleyball camp on June 4. The camps have been in full force since June 7, when boys basketball, golf, football and swimming kicked off their sports camps.

The website has participants’ responsibilities, parents’ responsibilities and camp protocols listed to “guard against the risks associated with COVID-19.” These protocols are enacted to help ensure BYU Athletics can run their camps in a safe and fun manner.

The first ever BYU #GIRLdad Camp will be hosted later in the year from Aug. 6-8 as a part of BYU Sports Camps. The inaugural #GIRLdad Camp aims to “inspire and empower girls” through building stronger relationships between fathers and daughters. 

BYU Education Week

An in-person Education Week has been approved, Education Week announced on its website. Education Week will run from Aug. 16-20 and will feature over 230 presenters lecturing throughout the week. Elder Dieter F. Uchtdorf will speak at the devotional on Aug. 17.

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