Readers Forum: Don’t text, call


We live in the post parenthetical era of digitality. We rely on each other to communicate and connect. In fact, it has become absolutely necessary to communicate with other human beings to make it through the day. Today, teens have become oft too reliant on the realm of texting. Have we forgotten the importance to communicate in real voices? Texting has engendered an on-call syndrome within each of us. We are responsible to constantly reply whenever our friends or family need us. It is no wonder the anxiety and depression rates have escalated. We are anxiously waiting to be interacted with. We must promptly move from nagging to intentional communication. Phone calls are the solution.

Speaking over the phone requires a certain level of confidence. When gained, this confidence will help us find our purpose, allowing our thoughts to present themselves in a natural form. Once we let go of small talk, we will find a new realm of communication that allows us to truly understand each other. Phone calls enable individuals to speak their minds endlessly without the setback of slow fingers. It also allows us to talk through solutions quicker and more effortlessly. Hearing other human voices also grants a reaction that comes in a direct and raw form. As we transition to communicate through phone calls, we will begin to understand each other more deeply, our conversations will hold meaning and we will begin to strengthen our relationships with each other.

Anna Stratford
Mesa, Arizona

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