Delta lifting restrictions


If you’re a frequent flyer, you can expect to see some changes on Delta airlines.

On May 1, the airline will begin booking middle seats again, making it the last U.S. airline to lift this restriction.

On April 14, they will also resume regular snack distribution followed by hot food options returning this summer.

Delta put these restrictions in place last year to try and reduce the amount of physical touch between customers and employees.

Max Alley said, “I am personally totally comfortable with airlines and other businesses starting to get rid of these COVID restrictions that they’ve had on.”

Delta took the acceleration of the COVID vaccine across the nation into consideration when making the decision to start lifting restrictions.

Max also said, “I flew like a year ago at the beginning of COVID stuff and then just this past weekend, and it was… I felt like Delta handled it super well.”

In a memo to employees, Delta CEO Ed Bastian says Delta customers are ready to reconnect and return to the skies.

Maihcen Ware said, “I think I am pretty ok with it. I actually just flew with another airline like a couple weeks ago, a different one, and they had their middle seats booked, and I felt kind of okay. The only thing is if they lift their mask mandate, I think I would feel uncomfortable.”

Although they plan to lift most restrictions, masks will remain a requirement during flights.

Flight crews will also continue enhanced cleaning standards.

Emma Brand said, “I think it’s time to kind of bring back normalcy in traveling. It will be nice when more flights are available to certain places.”

Delta also says that credits people have received for canceled flights will extend through the end of 2022.

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