7 Best Free Wedding Planning Spreadsheets


Every wedding checklist, no matter how small the event, is a long one. Trying to fulfill all these tasks can be time-consuming, overwhelming, and draining. For those who struggle with being disorganized, it can really be a challenge. This is where the wedding planning spreadsheets come to the rescue.

A standard wedding spreadsheet can help organize the work more efficiently, bringing all the tasks together in one neat place. A wedding planner spreadsheet has sections for vendors, expenses, schedules, and more. The digital platform makes it easy to have all the information available whenever it is needed.  

Below is a list of free wedding planning spreadsheets to consider for planning your big day.

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  1. Offbeat Bride free wedding template

More than just a wedding business, Offbeat Bride offers a formidable wedding budget template and great planning tips for brides. From contact lists to venue and hotel comparisons, this template offers it all.  

The template is interactive, so you can choose one which fits your wedding vision. Simply click on the FILE menu to copy and edit to your taste.

  1. My Spreadsheet Lab wedding plan worksheet

If you are looking for a spreadsheet that tackles wedding checklists to the tiniest detail, this is for you. My Spreadsheet Lab lets you put in guest information and even helps you set your seating chart.  With customizable features and a pop-up reminder, you won’t forget anything.  You are in total control of your big day with this wedding planning template.

  1. After the Wedding planning template

After the Wedding planning is a free and interactive modern planner. It logs in the budget and addresses for you to send guests invites, vendor’s contact, a day-off timeline, and even seating charts. The calendar feature includes a countdown to your event to keep you right on task.

  1. Katie Jakub wedding budget template

Katie Jakub’s just might be the best wedding budget spreadsheet because it was born from personal experience. This spreadsheet logs in everything from DJ music to logistics, countdown clock, budget, vendors, and guests contact, and even photos. Keep on top of everything including how much you have spent with this wedding planner. The best part is it’s easy to use and can be carried everywhere.

  1. A Practical Wedding Planning spreadsheet

A Practical Wedding is a one-stop-shop for comprehensive planning templates. Whether it’s a formal or DIY wedding, this planner has it all. Great for the first-time bride or even the professional wedding planner. This spreadsheet has it all to plan in the most efficient ways.

  1. Castle Hall Creative Wedding plan spreadsheet

For those who do not know how to begin, here’s your guide. Castle Hall Creative Wedding spreadsheet prepares you with wonderful planning tips for brides. Regardless of how far out your wedding is, this planner helps you track all the details. It offers a list of vendor’s, allowing for comparison shopping before hiring.

  1. Budget Savvy Bride wedding venue spreadsheet

Outside of the menu, the task that will gulp a large percentage of your budget is the venue. Budget Savvy Bride has put together a personalized, comprehensive wedding venue spreadsheet that provides a list of venues to help gauge which works best for you. Whether classy or down to earth, you’ll get what you want at a price you can afford.

Host a seamless and less stressful wedding by being well organized every step of the way. Look through our list of wedding planning spreadsheets, see which suits your needs, and get planning.

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