Hot tub boom


The pandemic created financial hardships for some but led to an unexpected boom for others. Newsline Reporter Amy Griffin tells us about a local business that finds being in hot water is a good thing.        

Between stimulus checks and unused vacation funds, some Utahns are buying luxury recreation items, like hot tubs. So many, in fact, that one Springville company can’t keep up with the demand. 

When the pandemic first struck Utah in March, the market for at-home fun skyrocketed almost overnight. As a result, the Springville-based spa and billiards company Take-a-Break is doing anything but what their name implies. 

“And then it just became a mad dash for anything we had. Anything inventory was selling just immediately,” said general manager of Take-a-Break Spa and Billiard, Mike Johnson.

Spa sales tripled during 2020 and Take-a-Break says that in some cases they’re back-ordered out to April of 2022. The backlog largely comes because manufacturers cannot keep up with the demand.

Some of Take-a-Break’s manufacturers have moved to a 24/7 work schedule without any shutdown. And their employees frequently work overtime. 

“It has been a windfall but it has come at a price. We’re working a lot more hours, we’re working about 50-56 hours a week,” Mike Johnson said. 

The company experienced the surge across all of its products, from hot tubs to swim spas to billiard tables. This means the small business’ advertising specialist can take a break himself. 

“We haven’t had to advertise at all. why advertise when my customers are gonna walk in without any effort anyways,” said advertising manager of Take-a-Break, Ryan Johnson.

The company can only guess about the reasons for the sudden demand, but they aren’t complaining. 

“A lot of folks see that as a very sanitary way to engage with their family and extended family members, and it is,” Mike Johnson said. 

 The high demand for spas doesn’t seem to be slowing down anytime soon, but Take-a-Break says they’re prepared for a slump, whenever it comes. 

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