New Adobe discount available to BYU students

BYU students can now access the Adobe Creative Suite for a lower subscription rate of $69, which launched this January. (Preston Crawley)

Adobe and BYU recently introduced a more affordable one-year subscription to Adobe Creative Cloud for students at $69 per year.

Students can purchase a yearly subscription to Creative Cloud to use photo and video software such as Photoshop, InDesign, Premiere and more. The new BYU student price of $69.

Adobe and BYU reviewed their licensing agreement throughout 2020 after the expiration of their previous negotiation, according to BYU Office of Information Technology assistant product manager Nathan Christiansen.

BYU OIT product manager Joshua Williams said the negotiations took longer than usual because of an issue with low numbers in student subscriptions.

A subscription to Adobe can now be accessed online, instead of only in person like before. “It’s online through, which is something that we had already heard requests for, especially because there are so many people working remotely and doing school remotely that it’s become even more of a need,” Williams said.

Some students needed to use BYU CloudApps, an online service that enables students and faculty to access software through internet connection, in order to access Adobe software while waiting for a subscription to Creative Cloud last semester. Williams and Christiansen said they have no plans to remove these applications. Students can access limited Adobe software for free through BYU CloudApps at any time.

“There are also physical labs on campus that are available for use for students. To access Adobe Creative Cloud, they can just sign in with their Net ID and password, and they’ll have rights to that on campus,” Williams said.

BYU professor Quint Randle teaches graphic design classes to students in the communications program and said he believes the reduced price will help more students to benefit from creative software.

“Adobe Suite is the industry standard. The tools that we use in class are professional tools that are an important part of education,” Randle said.

Students who would like to sign up for the yearly subscription of Adobe Creative Cloud can visit

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