Elder Bednar affirms miracles continue through temple covenants

Elder David A. Bednar of the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles delivers the Jan. 19 devotional focusing on miracles in temple work. (Nate Edwards/BYU Photo)

Elder David A. Bednar of the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles told BYU students “the day of miracles has not ceased,” even in a global pandemic.

The Jan. 19 devotional compared members of the early Church to those today, showing how all received miracles as they worked diligently to make temple covenants. He emphasized that miracles continue today, especially at times that seem inconvenient.

Elder Bednar discussed the “fire of temple covenants and ordinances” that motivated early Saints to work day and night in the Nauvoo temple to receive their endowment. He also shared the experiences of many temple patrons and volunteers in 2020 who worked to perform ordinances despite pandemic restrictions.

He quoted the prophet Brigham Young, who led thousands of pioneers across the frozen Mississippi River nearly 175 years ago. President Young spent days in the temple and hardly slept as he ensured members received their endowment before heading west.

Elder Bednar and his wife, Sister Susan Bednar, look out to the audience at the Jan. 19 BYU devotional. (Nate Edwards/BYU Photo)

He compared the sacrifice of the early Church members to those of today’s members. He said that from Nov. 10, 2020 to Nov. 13, 2020, temples in North America briefly opened for ordinance work before closing again to prevent the spread of COVID-19. Volunteers worked day and night to move as many people through the temple as possible.

Elder Bednar quoted eight individuals who saw miracles in their temple work during that four-day period. One temple worker was able to find a spot that perfectly fit with a patron’s schedule when everything else was full. Another patron encountered a temple worker she had prayed would be at her endowment.

“The faith-filled events in Nauvoo in February of 1846 and in North America in November of 2020 are stunningly similar,” Elder Bednar said. “The identical spirit that drew Latter-day Saints to the temple in Nauvoo clearly was at work in November of last year.”

“I promise that as you honor your covenants and strive to discern ‘with an eye of faith,’ your spiritual vision will be magnified and refined to help you learn that the seemingly small miracles in your life will be mightiest and most impactful of all,” he said.

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