Retire in Cuenca, Ecuador?

View of the city of Cuenca, Ecuador, with it’s many churches and rooftops, on a cloudy day.

CUENCA, ECUADOR — Older folks in America are flooding a city in Ecuador to retire in the warm weather and live an exciting lifestyle. They chose the city of Cuenca since it’s been awarded as one of the best retirement destinations in the world.

Cuenca is the third-largest city in Ecuador and has a rich intellectual, artistic and philosophical tradition that matches its colonial architecture. People who want a rich cultural life with a mix of historic and modern like to retire in Cuenca.     

Connie and Mark Pombo are one of many American couples that have retired in Ecuador. They moved to Cuenca a year and half ago and shared, “We love it here. We were looking for many places to retire; we even considered Italy until we came across Ecuador, and the cost of living is way low compared to the U.S.”

People looking for an active retirement claim Cuenca is the place to be because when living in Cuenca, there are no excuses to ever get bored, and whatever lifestyle they desire, they find many affordable options here.

Cuenca has been the fastest-growing city in Ecuador since 2000 and now boasts a population of 580,000. Mark Pombo enjoys how welcoming residents of Cuenca are. He shared, “Ecuadorians are so nice. They love when you learn about the country, their culture and language. They are willing to teach you as much as you want, and they love how many Americans love this country as their home away from home.”

Cuenca’s large expat population makes assimilation into new surroundings a breeze. Newcomers say it’s easy to meet new friends, and two local online publications run by expats offer opportunities to buy and sell products and keep up with the many events going on around town.

Cuenca and its surrounding areas offer a remarkable diversity of housing and lifestyle choices. Retirees just have to decide what type of environment and lifestyle they desire, then get out there and find their perfect home.

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